If you organization or agency is focused on substance use recovery in Virginia, then you should consider joining this year’s annual Virginia Summer Institute for Addiction Studies, (VSIAS) – Guiding to Hope and Health. The event takes place July 16th-19th at the Woodlands Hotel and Suites in Williamsburg and it brings together addiction counselors, therapists, social workers, peer recovery specialists, and students under one roof for a four-day intensive event. 2023 VSIAS will provide a unique networking opportunity while you get the word out about your organization and increase awareness among the top professionals and peers in the field. 

Discounts Available


  • VAAP Sustaining Members receive a $50 discount

  • VSIAS 2022 Exhibitors receive a $50 discount

  • Both discounts may be combined for a $100 discount

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“The event has been a huge success over the years because clinicians from across the Commonwealth come together with a singularity of purpose – to stay up to date on the latest scholarship in the field,” said Jessica Swan, MCJ, MAC, LSATP and Chairperson of the VAAP Events Committee. During each break, the roughly 400 attendees will visit the exhibit hall, providing exhibitors with the opportunity for valuable face time. Swan noted, “This is when exhibitors are able to make useful contacts, answer questions, and share information with clinicians from across the state. These are the people in a position to refer their clients to the exhibitors’ organizations and agencies.” 

“Not only is the schedule packed with interesting sessions and speakers, but attendees can also receive up to 23 credit hours of training including all the ethics training needed for maintaining licensure. This helps us to better support our clients.”
Patrice Porter
VSIAS Board Chair

There are also a variety of VSIAS sponsorship opportunities that provide additional exposure. Exhibitors can tie their organization or agency to the Sunday Pre-Conference, the Snack Station Break, or the Awards Luncheon. Gold, Silver and Bronze level exhibit opportunities are available that provide a variety of tiered promotional benefits.

Swan noted, “VSIAS is a great place to get to know others in the field. Many professionals have been feeling isolated in their work due to the new work climate since the pandemic. This event will provide relief from that. Registrations have been pouring in. These are the folks that provide your organization with the referrals that you rely on. You owe it to your organization to take part in an event of this magnitude and you definitely do not want to miss out on it.”

The Virginia Association of Addiction Professionals promotes the advancement of addiction professionals through up to the minute training, local and national advocacy, high standards of competence, and a Professional Code of Ethics to ensure fair treatment for its members and the highest quality of care and treatment for their clients. For more information visit www.vaaddictionpros.org.