Board of Directors

VAAP has three regions located throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia; Northern Region (NVAAP), Central Region (CVAAP), and Tidewater Region (TVAAP).

Each region has a Regional Board and accepts and adheres to the purpose, standards, policies, and procedures established by VAAP. The regional Board is led by the Regional Vice President. Each region works to cooperate with area organizations which engage in activities whose purposes and goals are substantially similar to those of VAAP. Like VAAP the regions are a non-union, non-partisan, and non-profit.

The general purpose of the region is to provide such training, education and advocacy that results in appropriate treatment, rehabilitation and recovery to those persons experiencing dysfunction from Substance Use and Related Disorders and to support the goals and objectives of VAAP.

Membership for each region extends to any person working in the behavioral health field providing care/treatment to persons with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and is based on membership classifications set forth by the VAAP and NAADAC bylaws.

Officers/Executive Committee

David Semanco


Denise Cooper

Past President

Bianca Munce

Craig James


Jessalyn Moore


Regional Vice Presidents

Tidewater Region (TVAAP)

Central Region (CVAAP)

Charles H. Wilcox II

Northern Region (NVAAP)


Nee Allison

Jessica Swan

Jessica Swan

Christopher Coleman

Christopher Coleman

Bianca Munce

Bob Taylor